Thursday, September 4, 2008

birthday card & scraptiles for mas rinie!!

a card on a tiles...scraptiles

a birthday card for her..

birthday gift for Habibah!

Birthday Card & Scrap-tiles..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u, bib!!

zanita's 37th birthday present

I made her cry..she's so touched when received this beautiful scrap-tiles i made for her. Im happy she loves the present so much!!

happy birthday to Zanita!!

A sweet card for a sweet girl like u, dear!

Congratulation Mas!!

A card made for my good buddy..

cards & certificates of Friendship: Damia's

This come together as a token of appreciation for attending the party.
An invitation card & a certificate...LOVELY!!

Im glad, i got a very good comment from their parents about the cards/certs..Zanita told me, they still talk about my cards.!

birthday invitation card: DAMIA's (inside)

Attach a pic of the birthday girl will be just perfect!

birthday invitation card: DAMIA's

First project for teenager birthday invitation.
Theme: Lolitha Gothic ..gitu.
So i used a combination of 2 main colors: BLACK & striking PINK.
And of course need some kain renda on it.
Type of card: Pull the ribbon and youll see the invitation details.
I like these cards...cantiknyer..