Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tq cards for special friends

A special wishes to a very special friends...

my first touch

Suka-suka je buat ni. Terus dapat idea untuk guna banyak bahan to make it more nicer.

a momento from HK Disneyland

I have so much here in Disneyland. I became a little kid who fancy all the cartoon characters, colorful, games and many more. Cam-whoring here and there. I finally met my Donald Duck!! Happy sangat!! Im looking forward to meet my HELLO KITTY in Tokyo Disneyland soon!!

my article in Anjung Seri 2004

It was published in Anjung Seri on April and August 2004 issue. One of my sweet memories when i see it myself and my artwork in one of famous magazine in malaysia. I'm proud of myself.

Monday, January 5, 2009

yon's birthday gift to husband: scrap tiles

Its a scraptiles as a gift for beloved husband on his birthday. Theme color is apple green. Attached together with the family photos.

assorted cards by dodiesdesign: wedding wishes

my studio- new upgraded