Wednesday, February 25, 2009

*remarkable birthday gift: from Haslina to her sister

a card with a beautiful photo..

a decorated frame, notebook and a card..

from Haslina to her sister "happy birthday to u.."

It is surely amazing to received a very touching gift from someone we loved.
This is my latest handwork for my dearest sis Haslina(ummi365). She loves it so much..
berkaca-kaca di mata. I am happy to touched their deepest heart with my handwork.
This gift is full of love dedications and beautiful stories.

Monday, February 23, 2009

*baby gift ; girl*

hand written personalized card

i love the basket decoration.

my "dodiesdesign" tag at the basket holder

incl towel, baby suits , a card & a yassin book

nicely wrap..

Friday, February 20, 2009

*hair clip/earing organizer*

items: wood frame, green cotton, sponge, design ribbon to organize my hair clips and earings.

*earing hanger*

why don't we use the thing that we never thought it can be used for other things. As sample as this earing hanger.
items: clip hanger, pengalas pinggan/bamboo design, colourful earing, and some decorations on the clip hanger..

*baby gift : boy*

sample baby boy gift include: blue shoe vase, baby suit, a frame with a photo of the baby and a personalized card.

more cards..



Monday, February 16, 2009

tq cards for special friend: my Kak Elle

Kak Elle were surprised when received a parcel from me..

Monday, February 2, 2009

more cards..

a card for ROSE..

birthday wishes to my dear JIUNIRAH

just to say "hi" card

specially dedicated to a friend..zuraida

tq cards for special friend:"22"

black & white theme

Danial's birthday card


aisyah's birthday card


ben10 & tweety : party pack

ben10 party pack

tweety part pack

tweety : aisyah's 1st birthday invitation card

Comelnya si aisyah ni. Masa tengah buat kad ni, i punya mulut pun
ikut cebek mcm dia. Tembamnya pipi dia...nak gigit-gigit rasanya!

ben10 : birthday invitation card

the invitation cards
cards & envelopes

Wow!! It's Ben 10 theme for Danial's 4th birthday.
Color : Green = White = Black
Love it!!