Monday, December 26, 2011


Dodie's Design is closed until further notice. Insyallah, i will come back soon with new and fresh creativity ideas. I'm going for holidays with my family...having quality time with someone dear to my heart. Please leave your comments and inquiries to my email or sms and facebook wall.Thank you for your kind interest, love and support towards my handwork.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

*Baby Girl Gift*

Made for Zen's Safiah's newborn baby girl :)


Especially made for Leesa's girlfriend on her birthday :)

*Aisyah's Birthday Gift*

Happy Birthday Aisyah!

*A Surprise Card for Erin*

A special moment with her beloved daughter, Shazmin on her graduation day...captured it in a small scrapcard.

*DnD Blue Card*

Just Want to say HI to my sis, Kak Dee Ibrahim. Glad she loves it!! Yeay!!The pic was taken during her birthday party celebration :)

*Tweety Invitation Card*

My first customer, Mary Bastian ordered this from Amsterdam. Hi Mary, TQ for ordering the card. Appreciate your interest and love support on my handwork. Hope to have this friendship forever. Thankx!!

*Wedding Wishes*

For Ezan Fidrose on their big day :)

*Ummi365's Birthday Special*

From Kak Elle, Spore

From Dodie ALfian, PJ

*Special Diaper Cakes for Baby Hana Keysha*

Amy Ross's baby gift :)

*A basket of Yaasin*

Azlina's Baby Girl Aqiqah gifts to her guest.

*Happy Birthday Kak Dee*

Dedicated to someone dear to me...Lovely Sis Dee Ibrahim

*Special Gift to Beloved Mama*

Especially from Leesa Safee to her Mama on her birthday.

*Mak Uda's Birthday Card*

Happy Birthday Uda!!